Her Story

A native of Edmonton, Canada, Neumann's foray into the jazz arena began with the release of First Time Out in 2004 which she recorded with the Grant McEwan Jazz Band, an official outfit of the University of Alberta. From there, Neumann became the lead vocalist for the Rodney Whitaker's Jazz Band at Michigan State University and went on to perform at the 2006 Detroit Jazz Festival, SXSW Festival and several Canadian Folk Festivals. Steadily, Neumann generated recognition as a jazz vocalist with the class and spunk that her brethren could admire and emulate. "Instead of being in love with the vibe of a forgotten sound from years ago, Neumann is doing what any self respecting artist should do and that is push the music forward." (B. Black, Critical Jazz) 

Her latest release is with the boys from her band, "Lady and the Tramps,' wherein Neumann's renditions pulsate with the heart of a true jazz troubadour and the deftness to deliver scat with the genuineness of its harbingers. (S. Frances, Yahoo). 

In November of 2018 Thea relocated with her son to beautiful Northern BC, to focus on her original material, due to be released in Spring 2021.